Earn while you sleep.

Buy the new and improved COTP auto-clicking bot and say goodbye to those annoying alarms!

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Why Choose Jamzee's
COTP Auto-trading Bot?

Ease of use

Our bot is easy to use and configure. No technical knowledge required.

Safe and secure

We take privacy and data protection very seriously. Whatever you share with us is safe and secure.

Guaranteed Updates

We will continue to release updates of the bot to improve your usage experience

Excellent Support

Our dedicated support team is always ready to assist should you need help.

Community Updates

Jamzee constantly releases new videos on the YouTube channel to keep the community informed.


We have the best documentation on everything you need to know about COTP with detailed explanations.

What To Expect

Benefits of Using Jamzee's Bot

Unless you enjoy setting alarms every two hours or you don’t mind waking up in the middle of a beautiful dream just to push some buttons, then you need this bot. Here are some of the benefits…



With the bot running 24/7, you are guaranteed to earn from every trade opportunity. Ensuring you make more money daily.

Sleep more, stress less


You get tired but our bot doesn’t. Its time to turn off those alarms and finally get a good night’s sleep.

Dedicated support


With our team of dedicated support specialist, whenever you run into a problem you need not waste precious time trying to fix it. We are always ready to assist, anytime of the day.

Best Deals

Bot Pricing Packages

We have developed different bot packages based on the needs of our users. Now there is a package for everyone.

Bot Self Service



You only pay a one-time fee (OTF) for the bot license and you set up everything yourself.

Bot + Support



You pay for the bot + a one-time fee for installation and support. We set up everything for you on your VPS.

Premium Shared Hosting


/ Month

This is a monthly subscription for our premium python bot. Click here to learn more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, when you purchase a bot from us, you will get access to bot upgrades without having to buy a new license again.

As always, we will continue to release guides and documentations on how to manage and run your bot. 

Our python shared hosting allows for us to host and manage the bot on your behalf without you needing to do any additional work.